Anthony Miller – The Husband

After 16 years and three sons together, Anthony Miller and his wife Meg never imagined their family would have to face cancer twice.  When their son Cody was diagnosed at 18 months with brain cancer they fought together as a family and over came what they thought would be their toughest battle.

Years later, Anthony’s long time love and the mother of their two children was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 years old.  As Anthony reflects back on memories of watching Meg teach their two sons to blow bubbles with bubble gum, and watching her raise their children, he realizes that Meg is the glue to their family and another battle with cancer is no match to his wife’s strength.

Anthony says, “ I remember asking myself what I could do without her. The answer was simple. I could not. A body cannot function without its heart, and neither could our family.”

So together, Anthony and his family celebrate the victories they have won with a “mommy-bration” day.  Each year on the anniversary of Meg’s diagnosis, his family enjoys each others company over sweet treats to commemorate Meg and her journey through battling breast cancer.

Anthony and their three sons enjoy supporting Meg as she participates in Komen activities, like the Voices of Hope survivor choir.  They have had the opportunity to participate in family events as well, like going to Dallas Maverick games and the Plano Race for the Cure.  These special moments resonate in Anthony’s heart as memories to cherish forever.

Anthony is happy that doctors were able to catch Meg’s cancer early on.  Programs that Susan G. Komen North Texas invests in helps make this possible, so that families can enjoy lasting moments together, like Anthony and his family.

That’s why Anthony, Meg, and their sons Race for the Cure.  They know that 75% of the net proceeds raised is invested in community programs that provide breast health education, screening, treatment and patient services to women and families who otherwise would have nowhere to go; the remaining 25% is invested in national scientific research so that one day, the cures to breast cancer can be found.  Together, they Race for the Cure.

Will you join them?  Click here to register.

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