Archie Milton – The Husband

Archie Milton and his wife Simonia met in the city of jazz, New Orleans, as two music majors that complimented each others tune.  Music brought them together and when Archie’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, prayer bonded their hearts closer.

Music has always been in Archie’s heart and his wife Simonia has always been his favorite artist.  Together, they have composed music to overcome some of their toughest battles like breast cancer.  When Simonia was first diagnosed with breast cancer they produced a CD titled “I’ve Got Joy”.  Simonia’s diagnosis couldn’t steal her joy.  She pushed through and fought regardless of the circumstances.

“My wife taught me that you have to believe in what you want; she is a strong believer and has a lot of faith and stamina.  She’s a fighter,” Archie said.

During the time of Simonia’s diagnosis, she and Archie had been booked to sing with their gospel group at an event, but Simonia had chemo earlier that day.  The last round of chemo was rough on Simonia and as much as she wanted to sing, she did not feel up to the task.  God answered their prayers and the show was postponed.  Simonia took the first opportunity she could to testify to the audience about her experiences with breast cancer when the group did perform, and she touched every heart in the building.

Today, Archie’s wife still uses music to tell about her journey with breast cancer.  Simonia plays the keyboard and sings for the Komen North Texas Voices of Hope Survivor Choir. Archie and his wife look forward to upcoming shows and events like the Plano Race for the Cure, where they will sing the National Anthem and a tribute song to survivors.

Will you – with a song in your heart – join Archie and Simonia at the Plano Race for the Cure?  Click here to register today.

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