Carol Herrera – The Sister

It is hard for anyone to imagine losing someone close to them.  For Carol Herrera, losing her sister to breast cancer was one of those unimaginable moments, but Carol works to keep her sister’s memory alive.  She started Elizabeth’s Garden, showcased each year at the Plano Race for the Cure, along with her family to honor her sister, Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth found out she had breast cancer, she did everything she could to get every one she knew involved in the efforts to find a cure.

“If my sister were here, I would ask her how she could be so strong?  Before there were phones and social media, Elizabeth still found away to get everyone involved.”

Carol remembers when she and Elizabeth watched color TV for the very fist time on a family vacation in Corpus Christi.  They were excited to stay in the room and watch TV all day long.  This is one of the many memories Carol wishes she could revisit with her sister and wishes Elizabeth could have been here to see her nieces and nephews grow up.

Carol works diligently to follow in her sister’s foot steps by organizing supporters to help end breast cancer.  Today, the entire family honors Elizabeth and her battle with breast cancer at Elizabeth’s Garden at the Plano Race for the cure.

“It means a lot to me that Komen North Texas continues the program in honor of my sister.  I always remind my kids that we have to keep doing this and we can’t stop.”

Will you meet Carol and her family at Elizabeth’s garden this year?  Click here to register.

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