Cathy’s Plano Race Blog: FUNdraising!

If you haven’t ever raised funds for a cause, the prospect can be intimidating.  Today’s blog is all about putting the “Fun” into FUNdraising!

The simplest advice I can give you is:  Ask.  It can be hard to ask people for money.  However, odds are good that people you know have been impacted by this disease.  Share your story and ask people to contribute.  You will be surprised at who comes through financially.

If asking people directly for donations isn’t in your comfort zone, there are other ways to raise funds.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • IMG_3927Flocking for the Cure.  We purchased a flock of pink flamingos and had people give us a donation to place the flamingos in the yard of friends or family members.  We decided to leave the flock in place for a few days, then collect it.  We left a sign in the yard to advertise, and fliers with cost and contact information.  (It is important to check with local zoning rules, as some towns require you to buy a permit.)
  • Host a party.  Many organizations will allow you to take a charitable donation instead of hostess discounts.  Parties can be in person or online – I have had friends host both Pampered Chef and Thirty-One parties.
  • Silent Auctions are good if you have access to a venue and good donations.  Local stores and restaurants can often be counted on to donate gift certificates.  If you don’t, yard sales are a tried and true alternative.  Advertise via social media and tell all your friends and family.  People will be more than happy to donate items for you to sell.  At the end of the event you can donate any unsold items.
  • Restaurant Nights. Many restaurants will give a percentage of profits during a designated time.  Some require you to say patrons are there for you, others may require an email or printed certificate.  If you do this, I recommend asking if you can stand out front and advertise – wear pink, have signs, play music, anything to drum up business.
  • Use your talents.  Offer to donate time as a handyman, take pictures, babysit, shop for someone, or provide a home cooked meal.  Host a bake sale.  Grow and sell plants or vegetables.
  • Incorporate your kids. Mine helped advertise, and told their friends.

The best advice is to have fun!  Be creative.  Share your story, and ask!

What are some of your favorite fundraising ideas?  Let me know by sending me a description and a picture to – your story may be featured on Komen North Texas’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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