Diana Meyer – The Daughter

Diana Meyer lost her dad when she was 16-years-old, but gained a new admiration for her mom, Lucille Meyer, as she took on both parenting roles and kept the family going.  When Lucille was diagnosed with breast cancer it was Diana’s turn to carry on that strength for her mother.

Diana and her mom have always been close.  She remembers the long family vacations that they would take along with her five siblings.  Lucille would try to keep them all together, but Diana made sure she stuck right by her mother’s side in fear of being lost in the crowd.  Rest assured, her mom was always there and for that, Diana makes sure she returns the favor and keeps her mother by her side every chance she gets.

“Mom just turned 84, and each and every day – especially holidays – we spend together is a blessing,” Diana says.  “I hold each day with her close to my heart and I look forward to the quiet days we spend together, just the two of us.”

Diana and Lucille have actively participated in the Komen race since 2002 and they have served on the Race committee and Elizabeth’s Garden.  Together, they look forward to the Komen North Texas Race for the Cure 2016.

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