It’s Komen North & West Texas’ mission to bring breast health education and awareness to where people live, work, play, and pray. Worship In Pink is a way for us to get educational materials to women and men in their place of worship.  We want people to know their risk, when and how to get screened, and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What is Worship In Pink?

Worship In Pink is a free, grassroots effort with local faith-based organizations to educate their respective members on breast health and breast cancer.  This program shares the importance of early breast cancer detection, general breast health knowledge, and educates congregations about how funds raised by Komen North & West Texas saves lives in their communities.

When is Worship In Pink?

You decide!  Worship In Pink events occur throughout the year across the our service area.  Your event can occur on one day or over multiple days in a month of your choosing.  Some popular months for Worship In Pink are October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and May (Mother’s Day).

Who plans the Worship In Pink event?

Worship In Pink is planned by the members of the faith-based organization.  The program is customizable – information can be dispersed during main worship services, health-related seminars and/or specific women’s events.  The organization can choose to make the event as big as they’d like.  Our staff is happy to help with program suggestions and ideas.

How does Komen North & West Texas help?

We can provide the following:

  • Educational materials; additional educational materials can be downloaded and printed or purchased at
  • Trained volunteer (subject to availability)
  • Voices of Hope – a breast cancer survivor choir (subject to availability)

Ready to host your Worship In Pink event?

Download the Community Request Form, complete it, and send to  If you have any questions, call 972-378-4808.

Become a Worship In Pink Ambassador!

Contact to learn more.