Our Grants Process

At Susan G. Komen North & West Texas, we take pride in our strategic grant-making process.

  1. First, we develop a Community Profile Report that outlines the state of breast health in our 91-county service area.  From this report, we create a mission action plan that identifies priority areas so that we can ensure that the programs we invest in are doing the most good for the most people.
  2. Next, we develop a Request for Applications that outlines the priority areas and the guidelines for who can apply for a Community Grant.  All nonprofits who are providing breast health services to the women and men in our service area and address our priority areas are encouraged to apply.
  3. Then and independent review panel of community members (nurses, survivors, doctors, co-survivors, etc.) reviews each grant application and ranks and scores the programs.  Based on the rankings, they determine which programs will receive Komen North & West Texas funding.
  4. Finally, throughout the year, Komen North & West Texas monitors the programs’ progress to ensure that the community partners are fulfilling their programs as outlined by their applications.