Marge McGraw – The Mother

The bond between a mother and her daughter is indescribable.  Breast cancer tried to shake that bond when Marge McGraw’s daughter, Tina Pomposelli, was diagnosed thirteen years ago.  Marge had already lost two of the people closest to her – her son and her husband – and couldn’t imagine losing another child.  But Tina taught Marge to make lemonade out of lemons Marge found that event though Tina had been diagnosed with a deadly disease, she remained strong through everything and took incredible care of her mother and everyone around her, instead of the other way around.

“Tina loves life and wants everyone to experience it as she does.  I have done more things than I ever could have dreamed I’d do, and all at her urging,” said Marge.

Tina has taught Marge to relax and go with the flow, even if it means waking up one morning to jump out of a plane – which is exactly what Tina did for Marge’s 83rd birthday.

“All I knew when she picked me up for my birthday was that we were going on an adventure,” Marge said.  “I put on my lipstick and my jewelry and had no idea we were going skydiving, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Marge and Tina enjoy spending time together, whether they’re toilet papering houses, painting, or making crafts to donate to Komen North Texas.  They look forward to creating more memories, including the ones that they’ll make at this year’s Plano Race for the Cure.

Will you join them?  Click here to register.

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