McKenzie Taylor – The Daughter

Six-year-old McKenzie Taylor’s favorite school subject is science.  Her favorite past time activity is to play basketball with her team, the Warriors.  It’s a fitting name since McKenzie’s mom is a warrior.

McKenzie is the daughter of Sheila Taylor-Clark, a breast cancer survivor.  For most Kindergarten students, understanding breast cancer and the effects that it can have on the body can be a tough conversation, but McKenzie was one of her mom’s biggest supporters during her cancer journey.

McKenzie was just four years old when Sheila was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The toughest battle at that time for Sheila was explaining her diagnosis to her daughter.  Sheila used a book given to her by a friend to read to McKenzie about a mommy who lost her hair.  After the story was read, McKenzie looked up to her and kissed her bald head as Sheila took her wig off and told her, “It’s okay mommy, your hair will grow back.”

McKenzie understands how much of a warrior her mom truly is.  One time when her class had a Valentine’s Day party, even though her mom wasn’t feeling well, she still came to help McKenzie decorate and build a heart shaped bird feeder.

“I know there are days my mommy feels sick but she still takes care of me and does wonderful things for me,” says McKenzie.

McKenzie is grateful for the memories she and her mom share and looks forward to her favorite one of all, walking with her mom at the Plano Race for the Cure.  Her favorite part about the race is to run fast!

Together, they Race for the Cure, will you join them? Click here to register.

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