Mickey Micou – The Mother

Mickey Micou knew her daughter, Nikia Hammonds-Blakely, was a natural born leader.  She discovered just how strong Nikia was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 16-years-old. Mickey says that her daughter has always been persistent, but she never imagined breast cancer would be her platform to leadership.

When Mickey’s daughter was first diagnosed with breast cancer they weren’t sure what to do next.  Nikia found a lump in her breast one evening while taking a shower.  She couldn’t believe that instead of shopping for prom dresses, they were scheduling a mastectomy.  Although Nikia was young, she didn’t allow breast cancer to set her back.  She went on to inspire other young women as the spokesperson for women’s councils.

Mickey is especially proud of her daughter and all that she has accomplished and continues to accomplish.  Nikia completed her undergraduate studies and went on to complete her Masters.  All the while, she had a second breast cancer diagnosis as she began her doctoral studies.

“I can’t wait to celebrate her when she graduates with her doctoral degree and we can call her Dr. Nikia Hammonds-Blakely,” said Mickey.

Mickey and her daughter enjoy being an inspiration to others, they especially enjoy being a part of Komen North Texas.  They had the opportunity to be a part of Lobby day in Washington, D.C., where Nikia got to speak to senators and congressmen on behalf of women with breast cancer and those that may experience it in the future.

Mickey and Nikia will continue their efforts at the Plano Race for the Cure, will you join them?  Click here to register today.

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