Our Grant Making Process and 2019-2020 Grantees


Grant-making is the primary activity by which we invest in our community while ensuring quality, consistency, and transparency during the process.  By following strict grant-making operational standards, we uphold the fair, transparent, effective and ethical use of donated funds; rigorous financial management of funds; high legal standards; and the promise to make a meaningful impact on the health of the community.

Komen North Texas is proud to invest in the health of the local community through its grants program.  The process begins with the development of a Community Profile Report that outlines the state of breast health in our 13-county service area.  Information from various resources like the National Cancer Registry, the US Census, health providers, and from focus groups with community members are collected and analyzed to create an assessment of breast health in the North Texas 13 county service area.  The Community Profile brings to light important statistics such as who is or is not obtaining mammograms, how many people currently have breast cancer, and what challenges people have in accessing breast services.  From this report, we create a Mission Action Plan that identifies priority areas and targeted populations to ensure the grant programs are doing the most good for the most people.

This year, the Mission Action Plan outlines three priority areas.

  1. Projects providing patient navigation for people who reside in the 13 county service area.  “Patient navigation” encompasses multiple services that help patients understand their breast health status as they move through the healthcare system, such as knowing the difference between needing an ultrasound vs. an MRI, understanding the need for radiation instead of chemotherapy.  Patients are “navigated” or assisted through the next steps to ensure they receive the most complete breast health care possible.
  2. Projects providing quality and timely breast health care to people in our community who need it whether they are uninsured or underinsured.  This includes projects that provide free or low cost screening, diagnostic and treatment services, mobile mammography, transportation, interpreter services, or medical treatment.
  3. Projects that providing culturally relevant breast cancer education in one-on-one and group settings, while providing direct breast health patient services.

Once the Funding Priorities are drafted and approved by the Board of Directors, the Request for Applications is created to provide guidelines on how to apply for a Community Grant.  All non-profit organizations who are providing breast health services to women and men in our service area and who address one or more of our priority areas are encouraged to apply.

After applications are submitted, an independent review panel of community members reviews each grant application.  Komen staff or Board of Directors are not involved in determining the grantees – it’s our community members who make this critical decision.  This process ensures a fair and unbiased selection process.  The independent review panel ranks and scores each application, which helps them determine which programs will receive Komen North Texas funding.

Organizations receive funding for one year spanning from April 1 through March 31 from Komen North Texas, and are not guaranteed funding from year to year.  On April 1st, the organizations who are awarded funding for the year are announced and the programs can start accepting patients seeking breast health services to their programs.

The final piece of the grants process is monitoring and reporting.  Throughout the year, Komen monitors the programs’ progress to ensure that the community partners are using their grant money as outlined by their applications.  Komen North Texas reserve the right to rescind funds that are not being used properly.  This ensures donors can be confident that every dollar they give is being used appropriately in the effort to end breast cancer forever.



This year, Komen North Texas is excited to announce the following programs are part of the 2019 Community Grants class:

  • Asian Breast Health Outreach Project (ABHOP)
  • Bridge Breast Network
  • Moncrief Cancer Institute
  • North Central Texas Community Healthcare Center
  • Texas Health Resources Foundation

Click here to learn more about these organizations and to find their contact info.



If you or a loved one needs a mammogram or other breast health service, or if you just have a breast health or breast cancer question, please call our office at 972-378-4808.  We can get you connected to the resources you need.

If you’re wanting access to breast health services, we will need to know what county you live in because some of the grantees provide services in specific counties in North Texas and we want to get you to the right provider.  If you live in a county that is not within our 13-county service area, we will either connect you with an Affiliate that does cover that county, or we will provide you with a secondary list of resources.

Once we determine your county of residence, we provide you with the contact info for grantees who are able to provide the service you need.  Once you call the grantee, they’ll ask a few screening questions, and then you’ll be scheduled for an appointment.

Unfortunately, there are times when grantees have limited funding and are not able to get you scheduled quickly.  Please give us a call and we can help identify other providers through our Komen Helpline or other community partners.  We are always available to help you navigate this often confusing process, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to explore available options.

One important point of clarification – Komen North Texas is not a direct service provider, which means we don’t see patients in our office for exams, we don’t have a mammography machine, and we don’t make calls to schedule medical appointments.  However, through events like Race for the Cure, we are able to fundraise and channel those funds through a fair and strategic grants process focused on making the biggest impact in North Texas breast health.

When you fundraise for Komen North Texas, you can rest assured that you’re supporting your local community:  your friends and neighbors, the people who you go to school or work with, see at church, and bump into at the grocery store.  Additionally, you are also helping cancer researchers with their groundbreaking work to end breast cancer because part of what Komen North Texas raises is invested in the national research grants program.